Yves Lorphelin

Yves Lorphelin

Loves Chaos & Failures

@ylorph · Belgium


Yves Lorphelin somehow landed into the world of development.

Building software to solve business problems, trying not to create new ones. And always creating long term relationships with customers.

He worked in all kind of domains: banking, leasing, logistics, Healthcare, HR recruitment,... And spends his time building new systems, replacing legacy, integrating systems.


Let's be open about failure and learn from it

Almost all project I worked on used some form of messaging and experienced breakdowns. So, let's take messaging as an excuse to tell stories about failures,challenge our assumptions, our knowledge of the domain. And think about the impact of fails on the businesses we work for.

Messaging is a wonderful tool at our disposal, in a IT context where everyone is talking about and struggling to use and build distributed applications, (micro)services, CQRS, Event Sourcing, IOT,... messaging is becoming more and more important.

But there are assumptions we make about messaging and they influence the Business

  • all messages are equal
  • network never fails
  • infinite capacity
  • ...


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Yves Lorphelin

Loves Chaos & Failures

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