Weronika Łabaj

Weronika Łabaj


@weralabaj · Poland


Weronika is convinced that working code is just a side-effect of her work as software engineer. She is passionate about exploring various domains and learning how business work. Even more she loves asking hard questions and challenging common wisdom. She believes that world would be better, if everybody would ask "wait, but why?" way more often.

To DDD or not to DDD? What to do if your domain is boring?


"DDD should only be applied to complex domains!"​ - you've probably heard that over and over again. But what exactly does a complex domain look like? When does a domain become complex enough to justify the extra cost of applying DDD? And why does DDD have to be so expensive?

In this talk, I'll challenge some of the DDD common myths, ask a few hard questions and explore what is possible when you stop blindly following what is deemed "the best practice".

I'll share with you a few patterns that you can apply even to projects that are not DDD all the way just yet. You'll walk away with practical knowledge that you can start using right away.

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Weronika Łabaj


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