Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Responsibility-Driven Design

@rebeccawb · USA


Rebecca is an object design pioneer who invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD). By accident she started the x-Driven Design meme (TDD, DDD, BDD…) and along the way authored two popular object design books that are still in print.

In her work, Rebecca’s helps teams hone their design, architecture and thinking skills, manage and reduce technical debt, and adequately address architecture risks. In addition to coaching and personal mentoring, she conducts workshops on Responsibility-Driven Design, enterprise application design, agile design skills and thinking, being agile about system qualities, and Agile Architecture.

Rebecca is program director of the Agile Alliance’s Experience Report Initiative and on The Hillside Group board. Recently she has written patterns about sustainable architecture, agile software quality, and adaptive systems architectures. She blogs at The Responsible Designer ( If you are interested in writing about your experiences or sharing your wisdom in pattern form, contact Rebecca. She can help you turn your urge to write into the written word.


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