Paul Rayner

Paul Rayner

Leading DDD and BDD practitioner

@thepaulrayner · USA


Paul Rayner is one of the world’s leading DDD and BDD practitioners. He is a programmer, coach, mentor, trainer, and popular international conference speaker. With over 25 years of hands-on software development experience in a variety of industries, Paul is a seasoned agile design coach and leadership mentor, helping teams ignite their design skills via DDD, BDD and UXD.

His company Virtual Genius LLC, provides training and coaching in collaborative design for agile teams. Paul is from Perth, Australia, but chooses to live, work and play with his wife and two children, in Denver, Colorado. He tweets with an Australian accent at @ThePaulRayner and blogs at


Refactoring to Deeper Insight: Lessons Learned Applying DDD to Large Scale

This presentation shows what we learned during a redesign of the video camera support in Nexia Home Intelligence. Nexia is a large-scale Ruby on Rails application with a customer base using tens of thousands of video cameras. We’ll walk through examples of key design decisions and show code samples to illustrate refactoring the video camera code towards ubiquitous language, a rich domain model, better performance and scalability, and cleaner module boundaries. Learn how applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD), pair-programming, and TDD enabled us to make significant improvements to the performance and maintainability of the Nexia codebase, while continuing to deliver new customer features.

Two day pre-conference workshop, Jan 31 - Feb 1 2017

Essential Domain-Driven Design

Are you new to DDD? Struggling to understand what exactly DDD is? Feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of DDD material/advice available? Or maybe you're unsure how to apply DDD on your project work? If you fit into one of these categories, then this workshop is for you. It's easy to get lost in the patterns and acronyms and miss the essence of DDD.

This workshop will provide you with a solid grounding in the foundational ideas, techniques and skills for doing DDD well in your own project context.

Learning Objectives This workshop will cover the following:

  • Understand what kinds of business problems DDD addresses.
  • The central role of software design and how DDD fits in.
  • How growing a ubiquitous language bridges the communication gap between business and technical people.
  • Practice domain modeling by example for whole-team collaborative domain discovery.
  • Refactoring code towards a ubiquitous language.
  • 5 key building block patterns for domain modeling and understand how to apply them.
  • Learn how context mapping helps manage large-scale, multi-team design efforts.
  • How to identify where applying DDD will have the greatest impact - your core domain.
  • Architectural patterns to support DDD.


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Inventor, Educator, Author of “Conway's Law”

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Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

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Responsibility-Driven Design

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Prof. David West

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Author of “Applying DDD & Patterns”

Weronika Łabaj


Debasish Ghosh

Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling

Nick Tune

Co-author of “Patterns, Principles and Practices of DDD”

Greg Young

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Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of “EventStorming”

Felienne Hermans

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Solutions Architect, Financial Services

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Loves Chaos & Failures

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Paul Rayner

Leading DDD and BDD practitioner

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Software Developer and Development Coach

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The Journeylist

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Pragmatic modeller, creator of AxonFramework

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Author, consultant, trainer


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