Marijn Huizendveld

Marijn Huizendveld

Nerd in a suit

@huizendveld · Netherlands


Marijn is founder and lead developer of Pink Tie, the most straightforward online ticketshop for events and theaters in the Netherlands. Building scalable software that stays true to the nature of the business is his passion and his work.


Turn your startup in a stayup with DDD

Do you have an idea for a great product that solves a problem in a complex domain? Have you thought about starting a business? Or have you already begun? Perhaps you wonder if DDD can help you while building your Minimum Viable Product and iterate yourself to a Silicon Valley billion $ valuation.

I had all these questions and this is my story about a journey into DDD while bootstrapping a business. Why should you be interested? Because it contains the gory details about applying DDD within a startup. It contains the failures and successes that I would have loved to hear about when I got started. It spans from the initial ideas and our greenfields start. All up until the dark gazes of brownfields code with micro and macroservices...

We will venture into our initial strategy when comes to DDD. A wrong mindset can get you started on the wrong foot which is what I'll be warning for. In particular I'll show our lessons learned as a SaaS that tries to use DDD in order to deliver to market faster and with better results.

But besides that strategic and tactical lessons I want to share a lot about the culture that is needed to make DDD flourish. Because if you get this wrong you will eat up your runway before you know it.

This is not just a story about DDD. It's about success and learning from your failures. It's about agility. Debt, both technical and financial. And most of all about how to build a sustainable business.


Domain Models: the Real Deal of Collaboration

By @DDDNederland (Marijn Huizendveld, Jeroen van de Gullik, Max Fedorov, and Freek Lijten)

Domain Driven Design is not about modelling in an ivory tower with white boards and stickies. It is very much about representing our mental model in code. During this workshop we will go back and forward from model to code to see how one influences the other.



Mel Conway

Inventor, Educator, Author of “Conway's Law”

Eric Evans

Author of “Domain-Driven Design”

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Responsibility-Driven Design

Udi Dahan

Founder of NServiceBus

Prof. David West

Author of “Object Thinking”

Jimmy Nilsson

Author of “Applying DDD & Patterns”

Weronika Łabaj


Debasish Ghosh

Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling

Nick Tune

Co-author of “Patterns, Principles and Practices of DDD”

Greg Young

Creator of CQRS

Alberto Brandolini

Inventor of “EventStorming”

Felienne Hermans

Author of "Grokking Computational Logic"

Andra Sonea

Solutions Architect, Financial Services

Ken Power

Complexity Navigator

Jérémie Chassaing

Software Gardener

Scott Wlaschin

Creator of

Avraham Poupko

Technical leader

Edwin van Wijk

Software Architect

Romeu Moura

Reasoned Schemer

Marijn Huizendveld

Nerd in a suit

Stijn Volders


Robert Smallshire

Modeller of domains, systems and processes

Mathias Verraes

Student of Systems

Michel Grootjans


Yves Lorphelin

Loves Chaos & Failures

Arnaud Bailly

Event Sourcing, Functionally

Paul Rayner

Leading DDD and BDD practitioner

Nicole Rauch

Software Developer and Development Coach

Thomas Ploch

Infinite State Machine

Cyrille Martraire

Deliberate Designer

Thomas Coopman


Yves Reynhout

The Journeylist

Oana Juncu

Agile Business DJ

Allard Buijze

Pragmatic modeller, creator of AxonFramework

Vaughn Vernon

Author, consultant, trainer


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