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Jérémie Chassaing is the author of thinkbeforecoding, a blog dedicated to Domain Driven Design, CQRS and Event Sourcing.

Funder of Hypnotizer in 1999, creator of a solution for interactive video, and BBCG in 2004, editor of PixVillage, a P2P photo sharing software. Joined Siriona in 2007 as an architect with former associates to enhance Availpro, a channel manager for independent hotels, to increase scalability and reliability to match its rapid growth.

Member of the advisory board for Microsoft Patterns & Practices book about CQRS and Event Sourcing: “A CQRS Journey” and active member of the F# community.


Thermodynamics of Software

Abstract TBA.

Two day pre-conference workshop, Jan 31 - Feb 1 2017

Functional Event Sourcing

Storing history rather than current state, Event Sourcing is a radical technique to implement Domain-Driven Design efficiently. But many stop before even trying, convinced of the difficulty to implement it.

The workshop will teach how to implement Event Sourcing. The functional approach leads to a simple, clear and production ready solution, and uncluttered domain code!

The sample will be in F#, but any language will do.


  • Event Sourcing theory and its functional flavour.
  • Code the Uno sample domain in a BDD way.
  • Discuss design decision and the link with EventStorming.
  • Implement the infrastructure using an Event Store.
  • Optimizations like keeping aggregates in memory using actors, using snapshots, ...
  • Implementing projections, the Query side of CQRS
  • Implementing side effects, interact with the outside world
  • Integrate aggregates in processes.

The goal is to experiment, feel how it work, by pairs. After each step, we’ll gather, discuss the discoveries, the rough points etc.

Requirements A laptop with a development environment. No experience with event sourcing is required. A basic knowledge of a FP language is preferred (F#, Scala, Haskell…), but latest versions of C# and Java will do.

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