Allard Buijze

Allard Buijze

Pragmatic modeller, creator of AxonFramework

@allardbz · Netherlands


Allard has been applying Domain Driven Design for almost 10 years and CQRS for about 7. Being a hands-on person, he couldn't help but notice that most developers lack the technical guidance needed to turn their models into working code. As a result, Allard 'accidentally' created Axon Framework, a Java based framework that helps developers build applications based on the CQRS architectural style, while strictly separating the technical from the functional concerns.

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Lessons learned taking DDD to the runtime

The combination of DDD and (Software) Frameworks seems to trigger controversy. Being a design approach for systems, DDD in itself doesn't require the use of any of these frameworks. However, any design process doesn't have value unless it leads to (better) software in production. While frameworks help getting software in production, they also tend to restrict modelling freedom.

In this session, Allard Buijze will share his experience with DDD (and CQRS) related frameworks and how they can help developers build better software, faster. Why do certain frameworks fail, and take you down with them? How can a framework promote, instead of inhibiting, the use of a good model?

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DDD and CQRS with Axon Framework

"The only true measurement of progress is software in production." So let's get our models to production!

In this workshop, we're going hands-on with Axon Framework, a framework for building event driven microservices on the JVM, to build Event Driven microservices based on the principles of DDD and CQRS. You will learn how to quickly set up an application and get started with the domain logic immediately. We will implement some fun domain logic and run our applications in a clustered setup together.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • How DDD provides guidance in defining service boundaries
  • How events can be used to synchronize services,
  • Some pitfalls of event-driven microservice architectures
  • How the use of CQRS can reduce complexity of models

You will also get hands-on experience implementing:

  • microservices using Spring Boot and Axon Framework,
  • event sourcing,
  • given-when-then tests using commands and events
  • (replayable) view models,
  • distributed applications

Skill Level: Senior developers and architects

Computer: Participants are requested to bring a laptop with their favourite IDE and JDK 8 installed and preferably also Maven and/or Gradle.

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